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Driving School

Previous Years

Try your hand at some of our past quizzes!


Thank You to Our Generous Donors:

Alex Topp & Golden Hour CollectiveAmita Parikh; Andrew Hunter @ Halibut Woodworking; Archway Marketing Services; Avling Brewery; The Bishop Strachan School; Canadian Stage CompanyCosmedical Rejuvenation Clinic; Crow's Theatre; Harry Rosen; Jen Agg @ Bar Vendetta; Julia Stone; Kent Ford Design Group; La Osa; Marie de Poce; Mary Ratcliffe Studio; Necessary Angel Theatre Company; Outside the March; Sa'ad Shah; Shaila & Raj Kothari; Shamira Dewshi & Sameer Lalji; Stratford Festival; The Howland Company; Why Not Theatre & Shaw Festival


Thank You to Our Generous Donors:

The Bishop Strachan School, Jim & Sylvia McGovern, The Arjun Gupta Foundation; The Eskander Family; Brigette Chang; BRUST; Legally Vain; Aga Khan Museum; Alex Topp & Golden Hair Collective; Ashley Devereaux; Ishtar Chandaria, Kirsten Cooney; Maison Pilates; Matrix Fitness; Parth Dani & Bollywood Dance School Canada; Raj Kothari; The Stratford Festival of Canada; Sunir Chandaria; UHN Foundation; The Walker Family

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